Well Beings, LLC - Individual and Family Therapy and Health Coaching

Health Coaching

A health coach is a certified professional who is trained to guide and support clients to achieve their health-related goals through behavior and lifestyle change.  I use evidence based strategies to help clients identify their long and short term goals, identify their motivators and barriers to achieving those goals, and develop small, meaningful and sensible steps toward healthy and sustainable behavior changes. I offer no "woo woo" supplements, diet plans or quick fixes. Health coaching is a collaborative effort between the coach and client to develop a plan of action that takes into account the client and the whole of his/her life, relationships, and experience.  Change can be difficult, but the improvements to overall health, physical functioning, and life satisfaction will be worth the effort. Some changes that are facilitated by health coaching include.

Planning and eating healthy food choices
Increasing physical activity
Compliance with physician's medical plan
Smoking cessation
Breaking self-destructive habits and integrating healthy, new behaviors
Managing stress/time
Finding and engaging in enriching hobbies or creative activities 
Improving relationships

Rates: Health Coaching: $85.00 for a 55 min. session and $45.00 for a 30 min. session.
Sessions via secure, HIPAA compliant internet based platform (webcam) or telephone are available. 

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