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Rates and Insurance Information
The cost per session is $70.00 and a session is 55 minutes long. 
I am on some insurance panels, but it is up to the client to contact his/her insurance company and inquire whether I am in his/her network and obtain pre-authorization before the first appointment.  Therapy that is not considered a medical necessity, or for problems for which I cannot give a mental disorder diagnosis code, will probably not be covered, even though a pre-authorization for  a number of sessions has been given by the insurance company. 
Please read this statement by Willard Harvey, author of His Needs/Her Needs, regarding insurance benefits and marriage counseling:
"Insurance generally will not pay for marriage counseling unless the counselor finds you or your spouse suffering from a mental disorder. Marriage counseling is covered as treatment for the disorder, but not otherwise. If you see a counselor who uses your insurance, you can be almost certain that you've been diagnosed to have a mental disorder. It'll be on your record for years to come and may prevent you from obtaining certain jobs or qualifying for certain types of insurance. Furthermore, if you really do not have a mental disorder, but it's been diagnosed just to collect insurance, your insurance company may challenge the diagnosis leaving you responsible for the bill." 
Another option is Employee Assistance Programs. EAPs offer a limited amount of sessions for counseling without the requirement of medical necessity or diagnosis, and are usually at no cost to the employee.  I am a provider for several EAPS and clients may want to check with their human resources department to see if this benefit is available.
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